Queue Helps Students with Special Needs Find Employment

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Special Needs Students
Image: specialchildren.about.com

Don Teolis serves as the director of Queue, a medical certification program that brings training to the classroom in health-related courses at colleges and universities, as well as exam preparation assistance services. Don Teolis has served in this position since the program’s inception in 2009.

Based in New York, Queue provides assistance to students with special needs, including people with disabilities and ex-offenders, by seeking to strengthen their educational foundations. The program is ultimately designed to help these students with specialized education needs as they search for employment. Students who are experiencing financial difficulties or facing other hurdles can often address them by contacting the schools participating in Queue.

The Queue program’s instruction model utilizes the services of professionals whose experience relates closely to the fields of study in which their students are participating. These instructors have had a hand in helping hundreds of students secure work in health-related employment fields during the past six years.