History and Purpose of the Autism Society

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Autism Society
Image: autism-society.org

As the father of a child with autism, entrepreneur and author Don Teolis is actively involved in the autism community. Don Teolis works closely with the Autism Society, which is regarded as America’s premiere grassroots autism organization.

Bernard Rimland, PhD, founded the Autism Society in 1965. He worked with a group of educated colleagues and parents of autistic children to curate information, disseminate useful resources, and to provide support to individuals and families affected by autism spectrum disorders. The group launched a national awareness campaign in the 1970s, which in 1984 was recognized by Congress. As part of this campaign, Congress designated April as National Autism Awareness Month. The movement has evolved into an ongoing effort due to the Autism Society’s methods of spreading information through social media and community activities. The iconic autism ribbon, denoted by its multi-colored puzzle piece design, was developed by the Autism Society in 1999 as another tool for creating awareness.

Today, with a membership of more than 120,000 people, and additional support from upwards of 100 affiliate organizations, the Autism Society is seen as one of the most reputable and powerful groups working to support and understand individuals with autism.