Don Teolis

A versatile entrepreneur with a wide range of accomplishments in the fields of tourism, professional training, and the arts, Don Teolis currently splits his time between a number of projects in and around the greater New York metropolitan area. Don Teolis is a cofounder and Advisor at Queue, a continuing education program that offers professional training in medical assisting, health records management, and pharmacy work to students nationwide. Available at select universities and colleges, Queue also extends its training services to individuals with special needs, ex-offenders, and those seeking a career change.

Don Teolis’ work also extends to Italy, where he cofounded Impresario Group Tours. At Impresario Group Tours, he and his partners offer guided tours through Italy and provide tourists an epicurean trip through the Italian countryside and coastal territories with stops in Sorrento, Florence, Rome, Venice, Verona, Assisi, and elsewhere.

In addition to his responsibilities at Impresario, Don Teolis serves as Director of NuovoGiorno, where he is involved in producing, recording, and publishing the work of European musicians in Italy. Mr. Teolis brings a studious, analytical approach to his work, helping to ensure the effective management and longevity of his professional endeavors.

As the father of an autistic child, Don Teolis holds aspecial interest in children and parents dealing with Autism SpectrumDisorders.  He has established anorganization called Autismatic (,which showcases informative and inspirational books like the upcoming “BeStrong, Be Tough, Be Smart” and features various articles and information on Autism. Don Teolis’ goal is to boost awareness, while encouraging families to realize the profound impact they can have on the development and ultimate success of their loved one.

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“Pop Classics? Let’s do it Italian Style”

stroking-the-keys  “Hey, admit it,” says Don Teolis.  Everyone with an ounce of passion and verve for fantasy has thought about “doin’ it Italian style.” Given the vibrancy of the Italian culture, fun loving-people have endeavored to eat like an Italian, dress like an Italian, and romance like an Italian at some point in their lives.  Well, when it comes to music there are those who want to sound like Italians too…and no Euro-country has shaped and impacted the Euro-music scene like Italy.

Don Teolis, co-founder of the Italian musician’s organization Nuovogiorno (, says “the modern groundswell of banging Euro pop is bliss, but there is a rich history and a breadth of flavors that have led us to today’s delectable dish of talent, and all come with a heaping side of “pop appeal.  Today, I want to look back to the 1970’s pop scene in Italy.  Anyone remember Adriano Celentano Prisencolinensinainciusol (1974)?  

Adriano Celentano hasn’t missed a beat for the last six decades and has rightfully earned the title of “trend setter.”

The lyrics of Prisencolinensinainciusol were intended to sound like American English to people who don’t speak English.  He and Raffaella Carrà, in a 1974 Rai Uno broadcast, delivered an awesome performance that passes the test of time with flying green, white and red colors.  We need more of these “trend setters,” says Don Teolis.  I’m placing my bets on the pop scene in “Italia.”

by Renata Spadavecchio, Viva Italia, NY