About Don Teolis

Don Teolis is one of the founders and Program Advisors of the Queue project, which led to the formation of a new specialized medical certification program. Initiated in 2009, the program has recently been implemented at several American colleges and universities. Noted for its innovative approach to classroom-based learning and support for special needs individuals and ex-offenders, Don Teolis’ Queue program provides academic training in the Allied Health-Career fields. More often than not, Queue programs and exam preparation services are available at a lower cost than traditional tuition. Experienced medical professionals and special education experts administer and instruct Queue project courses established by Don Teolis and his colleagues.

Beyond his leadership role with the Queue medical certification program, Don Teolis actively engages in several other creative business endeavors. In 2007, Don Teolis joined several of his friends to found the Italian music production organization, NuovoGiorno. Mr. Teolis contributes to the organization by helping with studio projects, working with songwriters, and locating artists to participate in music projects.

In 2010, Don Teolis established his most recent business endeavor, an Italian food and wine tour known as Impresario, Italia. Focused on the cuisine of southern Italy, the Impresario tours enable participants to receive an exciting introduction to some of Italy’s best food and wine offerings.

While continuing to develop his various business ventures, he also diligently contributes to charitable causes that focus on treating autism. The father of a child with autism, Mr. Teolis serves as a member and active contributor to the Autism Society, the Autism Science Foundation and the IAN Project.  Don Teolis holds a Master of Public Administration.


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