NuovoGiorno Assists European Musical Talent

NuovoGiorno pic


Don Teolis is a founding member of NuovoGiorno, a music production organization based in Italy. Don Teolis’ involvement with NuovoGiorno includes assisting with studio endeavors, developing songwriters, and in locating artists for projects.

Founded in 2007, NuovoGiorno hosts songwriters and musicians from across Europe who are working in Italy to record, publish, or otherwise produce their work there. Since its inception, membership, which is granted only upon referral from a current member, has exceeded the 500-person mark.

Mr. Teolis began the organization, whose name translates to “new day,” with several friends from Florence. Other founding members include Faustino Riccitelli, a composer who not only plays several instruments but also functions as the organization’s project manager and handles its communications.

Renata Spadavecchio, who plays violin, piano, and stand-up bass, serves as NuovoGiorno’s secretary. Gasparo Borghese, who plays piano and has worked as an audio engineer in Europe and South America, operates as the organization’s technical advisor.