Nuovogiorno: “It aint your mama’s O Solo Mio no more”

Image Don Teolis, co-founder of Nuovogiorno, says “It aint your mama’s O Solo Mio no more.  Most Americans equate Italian music with the old O Sole Mio and Funiculi Funicula stuff they’ve heard or seen on TV on in the movies. Sure, these classic, melodic songs are one-of-a-kind old fashioned, but there’s much more going on with the Italian music scene of today.” Italy’s pop music scene provides strong competition to pop and rock music from other countries, namely the United States and the UK.

 “There are basically four different pop music flavors. After all, we’re talking about Italy here … where everything is about “flavor,” according to Don Teolis:  Melodic Music, Italian Rock, Singer-Songwriters (“cantautori” in Italian), and Hybrid Styles (“ibrido” in Italian). Just like the USA and the UK, the 60’s in Italy were a time when wild young stars like Mina, Rita Pavone, and Adriano Celentano were born.  Like most everything else, the Italian scene has morphed over the past forty years. In the 60s, there were songs like Volare sung by Domenico Modugno and Sapore di Sale.  Italian music lovers back in the 60’s will surely remember “Vengo anch’io – no tu no!” written by Enzo Iannacci. 

Don Teolis recently assembled a NY based group of musicians to collaborate online with their songwriter counterparts in Italy on a scoring project for Italian television.  In Italia, Nuovogiorno continues to grow its diverse array of Italian musicians and songwriters, to form alliances, and to make beautiful music together.  (