Food and Wine Pairings

As an advisor with Impresario Group Tours in Italy, Don Teolis oversees one of the region’s leading food and wine tours. Don Teolis spends much of his time in Italy, where he also works with the musical organization Nuovogiorno.

A fine glass of wine perfectly complements a well prepared dish and vice versa. Learning how to ideally pair the right wines with the right foods is often an adventure, as few guidelines are in place to help inexperienced individuals make the right choices. In general, the flavor of the wine should always remain in balance with the flavor of the food. A spicy Zinfandel, for example, does not go with a mild dish because the wine overpowers the food.

Some pairings benefit from palate cleansers found in the wine. Red wines contain tannins, which cleanse the palate of moderately fatty foods, while acidic white wines are better palate cleansers for overly rich foods. The simplest bit of advice is to start by pairing wines and foods together with similar places of origin.