Nuovogiorno – Music Production Project in Italy

As the father of an autistic child, Don Teolis holds a special interest in children and parents dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  He has established an organization called Autismatic (, which showcases informative and inspirational books like “Be Strong, Be Tough, Be Smart” authored by Donato Alfredano and Gianna Star, and also features various articles and information on Autism.  Don Teolis’ goal is to boost awareness, while encouraging families to realize the profound impact they can have on the development and ultimate success of their loved one.

In addition to being committed to awareness of autism, Don Teolis is passionate about music and serves as the director of Nuovogiorno, an Italian word meaning “new day.” Based in Florence, Italy, the Nuovogiorno music production project began in 2007 in Tuscany. The organization hosts a variety of European songwriters, singers, and musicians who are currently producing or recording music in Italy. Nuovogiorno provides these artists with a number of services, such as developing songwriting skills and arranging collaborative sessions and projects.

The highly experienced staff at Nuovogiorno includes Tuscany native Faustino Riccitelli, a composer and multi-instrumentalist who works in a number of genres ranging from classical to contemporary. Argentinean pianist Gasparo Borghese works as the lead technical advisor during Nuovogiorno studio projects, drawing on more than 20 years of experience in the music industry. Lastly, Renata Spadavecchio provides a number of instrumental services to the organization, including piano, stand-up bass, and violin.