A Brief Overview of The Queue Project

Don Teolis is a Program Advisor and one of the founders of the Queue Project. He also lends his talents to NuovoGiorno, a music production company that works with songwriters and musicians from across Europe. In addition, Don Teolis acts as an adviser for the Italy based specialty tour organization, Impresario Group Tours.

The Queue Project was conceived in 2009 to establish a low cost, short term path to certification and training in the allied health-career fields. Particularly designed to meet the needs of ex-offenders and special needs individuals who are looking to enter or re-enter the workforce as the case may be, the Queue Project has partnered with selected colleges and universities in providing a number of specialized programs. Focusing mainly on jobs in healthcare, the Queue Project hopes to offer individuals an alternate path to finding meaningful employment within a dynamic industry. Highly qualified medical and special education professionals lead Queue programs.